Growing And ProtectingYour Wealth

Financial Journey

Growing and Protecting Your Wealth

If you’re looking for financial solutions developed specifically to meet your goals, then LePage Financial Group can help. We are a comprehensive financial services firm. Our clients, from young parents to business owners to medical professionals to retirees, receive objective financial advice, along with custom financial solutions. Whatever your goals may be, we’ll make sure your financial life is focused on meeting them.

Corporate Planning

We’re a valuable addition to any benefits team. We strive to help clients strengthen their firms by fortifying relationships with key executives, lowering the costs associated with turnover and training, and building loyalty among the rank and file. We’ll help you navigate the complex world of benefits by building employee benefit packages and business succession strategies that attract, reward and retain employees.

Wealth & Estate Planning

We take an active approach to wealth management. Once we understand your goals, values, and priorities, we develop financial strategies to help secure your short-term interests while protecting your long-term security. Our areas of specialization include education and retirement planning, wealth protection and transfer solutions, estate planning and administration, and legacy planning.

Investment Management

Our process is designed to protect and grow assets. It is our belief that optimal asset management demands prudent action, disciplined decision-making, and dependable oversight. We work hard to minimize risk and maximize returns, customizing each portfolio to the client’s risk tolerance and stage of life. A challenge for many investors is staying calm through bouts of market volatility. We address our clients’ concerns by keeping them informed about what’s happening and why.

Insurance Planning & Protection

Risk management means protecting against the unexpected. At LePage Financial Group, we offer a full suite of risk management solutions, including all types of individual and business insurance. A risk management review is a component of our planning process. We examine your current policies, identify any gaps in coverage, and offer solutions to safeguard your financial security and that of your loved ones.

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re just starting out or are gearing up to leave the workforce, it can be hard to know what to do and when to do it. Questions abound. When will I be able to retire? Where will I live? How long will I live? How much will I need? Where will I get income? We’ll answer all of your questions and help you prepare for retirement with confidence.