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Meeting Your Needs

We work with people in all life stages. Our clients have distinctly different financial goals and career aspirations. Some are single, divorced, or widowed. Others are married or remarried. Many have children. Some are providing care for disabled or aging family members. Some are business owners or entrepreneurs. Our active wealth management, investment, and insurance services can help meet the unique needs of a diverse range of clients.

Accumulation Focused

Whether you just entered the working world or are a veteran in your field, you’re probably accumulating assets with an eye toward specific financial goals, such as buying a house, paying for college, or retiring. LePage Financial Group can support your hard work by helping build the foundation for a secure financial future. We’ll offer strategies that will help grow and protect your assets.


It’s just as important to have a plan for distributing your wealth, as it is to have a plan for accumulating it. Before you begin to take distributions from your 401(k), 403(b), IRA, or other retirement accounts, talk with us about your income goals. We’ll review assumptions about longevity, distribution rates, risk, and other factors that influence retirement outcomes. Then, we’ll put together a tax-efficient distribution plan for generating retirement income without draining your resources. We also can assist with Social Security planning.

Medical Professionals

LePage Financial Group is a trusted advisor to many in the regional medical professional community. We understand the relentless and, sometimes, overwhelming demands of the medical profession, and help alleviate the stress by simplifying the financial aspects of life so you can focus on your patients, your family, and your other priorities. Whether you’re in the midst of a residency, an established nurse, doctor, or surgeon, or a high-level executive, we can help you meet the challenges associated with personal financial planning, as well as business and practice planning.

Business Owners

Balancing your personal and business goals can be a challenge. At LePage Financial Group, we want to see your business thrive. Our experts can structure benefit programs that will help you reward and retain key employees. Additionally, we can help with business succession planning, key man insurance coverage and more.

Corporate Executives

You’ve worked hard to reach the highest levels of success. As your influence and responsibilities expand, your time becomes increasingly valuable. We understand the demands made on successful executives and the challenges of balancing business and family. We can help by simplifying your financial life so you can stay focused on other priorities. We can help you make sound choices when it comes to compensation and benefits, and make sure that you aren’t vulnerable to unexpected events.

Independent Women

Our goal is to empower independent women. Experience has taught us that many women are working hard to balance work, family, and financial goals. If you fit the description, we can help. With a sound plan in place, you’ll have confidence about your financial future, and that will give you the freedom to focus on other matters of importance.